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Our Mission

To help you take your revolutionary technology from the lab to the market, so you can become a leader in innovation, commercialize your tech, and make a direct impact.

Engineering Class

I-Corps™ will teach you the skills and empower you with the knowledge needed to transform your research into a deep technology venture.

Our Purpose

The National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) Hubs ecosystem works collaboratively to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive innovation network throughout the United States.


The I-Corps™ Hub West supports academic entrepreneurs as they bring their technologies to market.

Robotics Engineers


Partner Institutions




NSF Team Grants

What We Do

I-Corps™ Hub is a network of universities dedicated to helping researchers successfully take their research and translate it into viable Deep Technology in the marketplace. 

Through our experiential programs, you will learn specific methodologies to assess the commercial feasibility of your solution. You’ll also discover and understand more about your potential target industry and consumer base.


Our programming forms a cornerstone of the NSF National Innovation Network, which includes seasoned entrepreneurs, NSF-funded researchers, federal agencies, and an expansive ecosystem of regional entrepreneurial communities across the country. Thus, reducing the time and risk involved in taking your promising ideas and technologies from the lab to the marketplace.

Programmer in Server Room
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