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Unleash the Impact of Your Research: Join the I-Corps Hub West ZAP Program!

University research is a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas. But how often do those ideas translate into real-world solutions that benefit society? 

The I-Corps Hub West ZAP program bridges this gap, empowering research teams like yours to transform your discoveries into impactful technologies.

From Lab to Market: A Guided Journey

The ZAP program equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the path from research lab to commercial market. Here's what sets ZAP apart:

  • Lean Startup Immersion: Master the Lean Startup Methodology, a customer-centric approach that helps you validate the market potential of your technology. You'll learn to "get out of the building" and conduct real-world customer interviews, gaining crucial insights to refine your technology for a specific market need.

  • Expert Mentorship:  Get paired with experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals who understand the unique challenges of commercializing academic research. They'll provide personalized guidance on everything from business model development to intellectual property protection.

  • Rapid Validation:  The program's fast-paced format allows you to quickly test your assumptions and iterate on your technology.  Complete ten customer interviews in just three weeks, gaining valuable feedback that can dramatically improve your chances of success.

Benefits Beyond Commercialization

Even if your research isn't destined for the marketplace, the ZAP program offers invaluable benefits:

  • Funding Opportunities:  Participation in ZAP positions your team for potential funding through the National I-Corps program, providing resources to further develop your technology and its societal impact.

  • Enhanced Communication Skills:  Learn to communicate your research effectively to a non-technical audience, a critical skill for securing funding, garnering public support, and building impactful collaborations.

  • Boost Your Research Profile:  Participation in a prestigious program like ZAP demonstrates your team's commitment to innovation and real-world impact. This can enhance your research reputation and attract new talent to your team.

Don't Let Your Research Gather Dust

The I-Corps Hub West ZAP program is a springboard for ambitious research teams like yours. Stop waiting for your groundbreaking idea to find its application.  Enroll in ZAP, gain the skills and insights to unlock its full potential, and make a real difference in the world.

Take Action Now! Visit the I-Corps Hub West programs page to enroll today. Learn more and apply for the ZAP program now! Seats fill up fast, so don't miss this opportunity to turn your research into a force for positive change.


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